A biography of lena horne an african american movie star

Malaga was her final completed film appearance. The Broadway show starred singer Ethel Waters as Petunia, and she was signed to repeat her role in the film version. Porgy and Bess had a long and costly production. Her mother, meanwhile, had been living in Cuba, where she had remarried.

Horne could have very well become a major movie star but her opportunities were limited by the U. The studio tailor-made it for Lena as a singing part. The Hornes were an established middle class family, with several members holding college degrees and distinguished positions in organizations such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACP and the Urban League a group that worked to increase the economic and political power of minorities and to end discrimination based on race.

She was born on June 30,into a middle-class black family in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.

Lena Horne Biography

Oh, the bitch fights! There occurred, however, an extremely intimate loving embrace between Dandridge and Justin that succeeded in not breaching the code. Her mother, Edna Louise Scottron Horne, aspired to act. She was signed to a seven-year contract with the movie studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer MGM —the first African American woman since to sign a term contract with a film studio.

Lena campaigned for the role of the mulatto Julie LaVerne. This was allegedly the story of songwriters Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart. She wrote an article for Show magazine called "I Just Want to Be Myself," and it inspired some of her songwriting colleagues to provide her with more politically oriented material.

When Dandridge threatened to leave the film, the script and her wardrobe was retooled to her liking. Inshe teamed up with Tony Bennett for a duo act that played in Europe and then came to the U. A man from Maryland who moved to North Carolina and then to Georgia.

The film marked a first time she performed with the Nicholas Brothers.

Lena Horne Profile: First African-American Signed to Long-Term MGM Movie Contract

I would love to see the day where I can actually meet and greet Ms. Chelsea House Publishers, In December, she accepted an offer to join the orchestra of white bandleader Charlie Barnetone of the few instances of integration among swing bands at the time. But as the group's only black member she suffered many humiliations of racial prejudice, especially from hotels and restaurants that catered exclusively to whites.

Dorothy Dandridge

Her role as a person who has helped to improve the status of African Americans in the performing arts has provided a permanent legacy.

Beginnings[ edit ] The Dandridge Sisters continued strong for several years, and were booked in several high-profile nightclubs, including the Cotton Club and the Apollo Theater.Oct 22,  · Lena Horne net value: Lena Horne was an American singer, dancer, celebrity, and civil privileges activist who had a net value of $30 million.

Lena Horne was created in Bedford, Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY in June and passed on in-may Lena Horne is known as one of the most popular African American entertainers of the twentieth century. A woman of great beauty and commanding stage presence, she performed in nightclubs, concert halls, movies, and on radio and television.

InHorne became the first African-American woman to be nominated for a Tony Award for "Best Actress in a Musical" (for her part in the "Calypso" musical Jamaica) which, at Lena's request featured her longtime friend Adelaide Hall.

May 08,  · Updated: May 10, Lena Horne was the first black performer to be signed to a long-term contract by a major Hollywood studio and went on to achieve international fame as a singer.

Lena Horne was born in Brooklyn, New York, on June 30, Her father, Edwin "Teddy" Horne, who worked in the gambling trade, left the family when Lena was three. Her mother, Edna, was an actress with an African American theater troupe and traveled extensively.

Horne was mainly raised by her.

Lena Horne Net Worth

The daughter of an actress and civil rights activist, African-American entertainer Lena Horne was a chorus girl in Harlem's Cotton Club at the age of One year later, she had her first featured role -- as Quadroon Girl -- in the Broadway play Dance With Your Gods.

A biography of lena horne an african american movie star
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